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EB-5 Investment Voice podcast – The Global Investment Immigration Summit with Nigel Coyne and Sam Hussain of BLS Media

(Thursday, 14 June 2018: EB-5 Investment Voice Podcast - Mona Shah & Associates Global)

The Global Investment Immigration Summit with Nigel Coyne and Sam Hussain of BLS Media

The Global Investment Immigration Summit is taking place in London on 21-22 June 2018. Mona, Rebecca and Mark sit down with conference coordinators Nigel Coyne and Sam Hussain of BLS Media to discuss the summit, explaining how they go about vetting exhibitors and promoting the event on a global scale. Listen in for insight on the appeal of EB-5 for Brits seeking a second citizenship and learn how BLS can help you choose the best programme for you and your family. 

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Events promoting citizenship-by-investment are a valuable way to connect sponsors with potential investors seeking a second citizenship. But how do you identify whether an event is worthwhile? How should delegates compare sponsors to determine the best fit for their family? And what actions can you take to make the most of the experience – as a developer OR potential investor?

On this episode of EB-5 Investment Voice, Mona, Mark and Rebecca are joined by Nigel Coyne and Sam Hussain. Nigel is a consultant with an extensive background in the realm of citizenship-by-investment, and he spent 20-plus years in the legal profession before joining the media industry in 1998. Sam serves as the director of British publishing house BLS Media, the premier educational platform for individuals and families pursuing global citizenship. The company’s event arm, BLS Global, is organising the upcoming Global Investment Immigration Summit in London on 21-22 June 2018.

Today, Mona, Mark, Rebecca, Nigel and Sam discuss why London is a hub for the migration industry and explore the appeal of the EB-5 program for high-net-worth Brits pursuing global mobility in the aftermath of Brexit. Sam and Nigel explain the vetting process used by BLS to ensure that exhibitors at its events are the best of the best, and they offer several criteria for identifying a quality citizenship-by-investment event. Finally, Nigel and Sam address the upcoming Global Investment Immigration Summit, describing how BLS supports new attendees in getting the most out of the conference as well as the seminars and podcast booth Mona and Rebecca will be hosting at the event.

The London Hub

  • London is a hub for the migration industry. As the financial centre of Europe, London provides neutral ground where deals can be finalised.
  • In addition, London is an attractive destination for high-net-worth individuals, offering top hotels and numerous flights in and out of the city. People from the 50-plus Commonwealth countries feel comfortable doing business there, and its time zone is centrally located between Dubai and the US.

BLS Media

  • BLS is recognised as the leading educational platform around global citizenship. The organisation provides content that helps investors compare available programmes and make the best decisions for themselves and their families.
  • BLS specialises in markets with a high demand for global citizenship, including India, the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Russia, and Uzbekistan, among many others. In those locations where investors are less aware of the available programs, trade organisations and BLS play an important role in educating the market.

The appeal of EB-5

  • EB-5 is one of the best programs to use in gaining citizenship-by-investment, offering a green card as well as the opportunity to get your investment back. In addition, EB-5 stands out in comparison to other programmes because of its low $500K minimum investment.
  • Since the Brexit vote, a number of Brits have become interested in obtaining a second citizenship in order to reduce their tax burden and increase their global mobility. Many are attracted to the US because of its top universities and the similar standard of living. 

Vetting exhibitors

  • BLS Media follows a stringent vetting process to ensure that exhibitors at its events are the best of the best. The organisation considers the company’s profile, its application success rate, and its filing process.
  • Due diligence is a key part of BLS Media’s makeup. To that end, BLS has affiliations with a number of trade organisations (including IIUSA) and makes inquiries with those bodies to ensure that everyone involved in their events is deemed trustworthy.

Identifying a worthwhile conference

  • It is up to the event organisers to deliver a quality event. Sam and Nigel suggest looking at the conference programme and the calibre of its sponsors and speakers to identify conferences that are worth your time.
  • The marketing carried out by event organisers is also indicative of the value you will receive for your money. BLS is promoting its upcoming conference through billboards, television spots, national newspapers, local magazines, and even embassy partnerships. 

The Global Investment Immigration Summit

  • BLS Media is sponsoring the upcoming Global Investment Immigration Summit in London on 21 and 22 June. The summit provides an opportunity for exhibitors to engage with brokers and agents – or meet potential investors directly.
  • BLS is proactive in helping new attendees get the most out of the conference by walking them through the pavilion to meet with sponsors. In this way, investors can compare the various citizenship programmes and select the one that works best for their family.
  • Nigel and Sam encourage delegates to ask exhibitors direct questions about the best available projects as well as their success rate when it comes to applications for citizenship. Also, Mona and Rebecca will be leading seminars to address immigration issues and hosting a podcast booth where delegates can submit questions for future podcast episodes.

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